I didn’t know this until recently how easy it is to create signs using WorldEdit commands which can speed up spawn signs being created and you could also easily use previous command toggle option in chat to easily create batches of signs.

//set "oak_wall_sign[facing=north]|Hello world|Second|Third line"
Note: I did forget the closing ” at the end of the command which is needed to parse spaces in your sign text.

Now what needs to be noted is it’s a lot easier to create picketed sign posts because you don’t need to specify the direction the sign is facing.

//set "oak_wall_sign[facing=south]|Line 1|&6Colour!|Third line"

One thing I recommend is keeping a cheat sheet of commands handy in a notepad or on a desktop sticky note because it is a pain in the bum to type it out but it’s a very useful tool.

Extending //set oak_wall_sign to automating sign

You can use many of the plugins out there that allow you to create your own custom commands. This can be done via Skript, Denizen, MyCommands and a whole range of plugins that can execute commands in bulk on your behalf.

For example in the plugin Skript you could write a script that makes it easy to attach a command to an item so you could make a custom command like:

If you are able to add variables and random outputs you could create beautiful signs without having to manually edit each line. You could also add another variable that specifies the direction of the sign so you could do “/spawnsigns welcome north” ie: custom command. And basically shorten your commands in half and is a lot easier to type.

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