I’ve got a lot of experience when it comes to servers in general as I have run private game servers as a teenager and use to manage my own IRC network so I had to learn how to SSH into a remote server and learn basic shell commands to boot up programs in the background.

When I created my first MineCraft server I was able to get it up and running and manage it on my own without a control panel or GUI but I understand that SSH and bash may sound like a weird language to you. So if you are wondering if you should make the leap to a more dedicated environment where you have your own computing resources you should be aware of the key advantages of hosting a MIneCraft server off a VPS or Dedicated server.

  1. It is much more cost-effective to purchase VPS or Dedicated server than use a dedicated MineCraft host that use a software like MultiCraft.
  2. You could always lease a MultiCraft license and use the control panel or any control panel that you want
  3. You will have root access, be able to assign your own ports to your IP address
  4. Easily network multiple servers together on the same host without having to pay for multiple server hosting accounts

It’s worth the learning curve

Yes learning how to use SSH commands and install screen so you can launch your server instances and be able to close your putty client without shutting down your remote-server. What gives hey? There is some work in setting up your server environment especially if you want to install MultiCraft just so you can have control panel access.

I don’t personally use a control panel GUI

For the record, I don’t use MultiCraft or a control panel I use SSH to restart and manage my server instances which I can connect by phone if I am away from my desktop. I do have console access via private Discord channel which allows me to virtually give another person console access.

I find giving staff plugin access is a huge security risk and I can’t personally justify the added security risk to run a control panel that I wont ever user.

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