When I created MineCraftier.net back in 2011 I didn’t really fully appreciate how great MineCraft voting sites were for traffic. One website in particular that a different bidding structure to what they use now, I paid $300 AUD and it kickstarted my MineCraft community pretty quick. Also because players were voting and getting rewards it created rapid growth for my server community.

From memory I didn’t invest in money into the voting site after that initial startup injection because the amount of players who were coming and voting and retaining as users were enough to push us further into the ranks as a popular MineCraft network.

If it wasn’t for having incentives for users to vote we wouldn’t of had the exposure. As we were going up in the ranks on the server lists so was our Google SERP for our server name and relevant keyworsds. That’s right, MineCraft server voting sites are good for your SEO rankings and for increasing backlink and quality backlink density to your website. One of the best things you can do to get rapid server growth is to signup to as many voting sites as you can to increase your potential ROI in clicks and impressions.

Maintaining 40+ server lists websites is a main in the butt but providing you can copy and paste information across and update the graphics and video URLs etc as efficiently as you can it is worth the trouble.

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