Votifier is a plugin that links your MineCraft server to hundreds of MineCraft Voting websites that exist online that actively ranks websites based on votes. Votes can be counted on these websites without Votifier however it would be considered almost pointless not running Votifier plugin as it offers a huge incentive for your players to vote for your server.

How Votifier Works

Votifier is Bukkit/Spigot plugin that binds to a specific port on your server (8192 by default) which listens in for an encrypted message from a Votifier enabled website. When you signup to list your website you are asked for a secure key that acts like a handshake to your server. This means that only voting websites that you allow will count votes and activate the Votifier rewards on your server end.

Typically you can vote once a day per username or IP address which gets reset at the start of each month and as your server accumulates votes it will climb the website ranks. Ideally the more server votes you can get, the better.

Once a vote has been recieved it will specify to the console the website where the vote is coming from and the username along with the encrypted handshake information to verify the request. Depending on your unique server setup you can run Votifier with other plugins such as the Enjin Plugin to give player rewards for votes. The rewards you give is totally up to you and typically plugins allow you to execute commands and also if to run those commands straight away or if you wish to run the commands only when the user is online.

Votifier with Bungee

Votifier can be supported over BungeeCord but not out of the box with the vanilla Votifier plugin. One plugin called NuNotifier can be installed as a standalone server Votifier plugin or installed onto a BungeeCord, Paper and other instances including Sponge.

NuVotifier Features

NuVotifier is compatible with every modern (1.7+) version of Minecraft. It is highly unlikely to break with Minecraft updates.

 is a plugin that allows your server to be notified (aka votified) when a vote is made on a Minecraft server top list. NuVotifier is secure and makes sure that all vote notifications are delivered by authentic top lists.

NuVotifier’s primary features include:

  • Receiving votes, either for a single server or for an entire network
  • When running on a proxy, it is able to forward votes to other servers on the network
  • Backwards compatible (virtually every version from 1.7.2 onwards is supported)

NuVotifier supports a wide variety of server platforms, including:

  • Bukkit & forks, including Spigot, Paper and others
  • Sponge

NuVotifier can also run on these proxies:

  • BungeeCord & forks, including Waterfall and others
  • Velocity

You can download NuVotifier here

Visit the SpigotMC plugin page here

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