You can download the latest version of PhatLoots here

NOTE: This version of PhatLoots only works on Minecraft 1.13 and up! If you wish to use PhatLoots on 1.9-1.12, please use the Legacy version.

In-Game Help:

  • /loot help – Display the PhatLoots Help Page
  • /loot help <command> – Display a command’s usage

Creating a PhatLoot:

  • /loot make <Name> – Create a PhatLoot with the given name
  • /loot link <Name> – Link the target Chest/Dispenser with a PhatLoot
  • /loot link hand<Name> – Link the item in hand with a PhatLoot
  • /loot unlink [Name] – Unlink the target Block from a PhatLoot
  • /loot rename <PhatLoot> <Collection> <NewName> – Rename a PhatLoot Collection
  • /loot delete <Name> – Delete a PhatLoot

Setting up a PhatLoot:

  • If Name is not specified then all PhatLoots that are linked to the target Block will be affected
  • Amount may be a number (100) or range (100-500)
  • /loot time [Name] <Days> <Hrs> <Mins> <Secs> – Set the cooldown time for the specified PhatLoot (Players must wait this amount of time to receive more loot)
  • /loot time [Name] never – Set the PhatLoot to only be lootable once per chest
  • /loot global [Name] true – Set the specified PhatLoot to a global cooldown (early bird gets the worm)
  • /loot global [Name] false – Set the specified PhatLoot to an individual cooldown (worms for everyone)
  • /loot autoloot [Name] true – Set the specified PhatLoot to have players automatically loot the items
  • /loot autoloot [Name] false – Set the specified PhatLoot to require players to manually take items from the PhatLoot chest
  • /loot round [Name] true – Set the specified PhatLoot to round down cooldown times (Daily/Hourly loots)
  • /loot round [Name] false – Set the specified PhatLoot to not round down cooldown times
  • /loot cost [Name] <Amount> – Set the cost of looting the specified PhatLoot
  • /loot money [Name] <Amount> – Set the money range to be looted from the specified PhatLoot
  • /loot exp [Name] <Amount> – Set the amount of experience to be gained upon looting the specified PhatLoot

Manage Loot Commands:

  • A Parameter starts with the 1 character id
  • p: The Name of the PhatLoot ex. pEpic
  • If PhatLoot is not specified then all PhatLoots linked to the target Block will be affected
  • %: The chance of looting the item ex. %50 or %0.1 (default: 100)
  • c: The id of the collective loot to specify ex. c1
  • #: The amount of the item ex. #10 or #1-64 (default: 1)
  • Use #0 if you want each Loot in a collection to be rolled for individually
  • d: The data/durability value of the item ex. d5
  • t: Tier the Item (tiers.yml) ex. t
  • l: Generate Lore for the Item (lores.yml) ex. l
  • e: The item enchantment ex. earrow_fire or eauto
  • Enchantment levels can be added. ex. arrow_fire(2)
  • /loot <add|remove> <Item|ID|hand> [Parameter1] [Parameter2]…
  • ex. /loot add hand #1-16 nEnderNade %32
  • ex. /loot add bow earrow_fire(2) earrow_unlimited %5
  • /loot <add|remove> coll <Name> [Parameter1] [Parameter2]…
  • ex. /loot add coll Weapon %25
  • /loot <add|remove> cmd [Parameter1] [Parameter2]… /<Command>
  • To add the looter’s name to the command, place <player> within the command
  • ex. /loot add cmd %13 /say <player> has found a chest!
  • /loot <add|remove> msg [Parameter1] [Parameter2]… -<Message>
  • ex. /loot add msg cWeapon -Here, take this weapon with you in your travels!


A list of Enchantments may be found at (These are not case sensitive)
ex. To add 1 bow enchanted with flaming arrows, at 100% chance of loot, use the command “/loot add bow earrow_fire”

Using auto as an enchantment will automatically enchant the item based on the percentages defined in enchantments.yml

Other Commands:

  • /loot list – List all PhatLoots
  • /loot info [Name] – Open the info GUI of the specified PhatLoot
  • /loot give <Player> <PhatLoot> [Title] – Force a Player to loot a specific PhatLoot
  • /loot reset – Reset looted times for the target Block
  • /loot reset <Name> – Reset looted times for the specified PhatLoot
  • /loot reset all – Reset looted times for all PhatLoots
  • /loot clean – Clean looted times for the target Block
  • /loot clean <Name> – Clean looted times for the specified PhatLoot* /loot clean all – Clean looted times for all PhatLoots* /loot rl – Reload the PhatLoots Plugin

PhatLoot Permissions

Everyone has node by default
Only OP has node by default

  • phatloots.loot.* – Needed to receive loots from any restricted PhatLoot
  • phatloots.loot.EpicLoot – Needed to receive loot from the PhatLoot named EpicLoot (may be used for any name)
  • phatloots.moneyfrommobs – Needed to receive money from mobs
  • phatloots.commandloot – Needed to receive loots through command
  • phatloots.rl – Needed to reload the PhatLoots plugin (/loot rl)
  • phatloots.reset – Needed to reset the list of users who looted PhatLoots (/loot reset)
  • phatloots.clean – Needed to remove loot times that are no longer relevant. This is automatically done when the server shuts down (/loot clean)
  • phatloots.list – Needed to list all current PhatLoots (/loot list)
  • – Needed to see loot information of a given PhatLoot (/loot info)
  • phatloots.give – Needed to force a Player to loot a PhatLoot (/loot give)
  • phatloots.admin – Needed to break linked Blocks (Will unlink the chest)
  • phatloots.make – Needed to create a new PhatLoot (/loot make)
  • phatloots.delete – Needed to delete a PhatLoot (/loot delete)
  • – Needed to link a PhatLoot to a chest (/loot link)
  • phatloots.unlink – Needed to unlink a PhatLoot from a chest (/loot unlink)
  • phatloots.manage – Needed to add/remove loot to a PhatLoot (/loot add)
  • phatloots.time – Needed to set the reset time of a PhatLoot (/loot time)
  • – Needed to set whether a PhatLoot has a global cooldown (/loot global)
  • phatloots.autoloot – Needed to set whether a PhatLoot is autolooted (/loot autoloot)
  • phatloots.round – Needed to set whether a PhatLoot’s reset time is rounded down (/loot round)
  • phatloots.cost – Needed to set the cost to loot a PhatLoot (/loot cost)
  • – Needed to set how much money is looted from a PhatLoot (/loot money)
  • phatloots.exp – Needed to set how much experience is looted from a PhatLoot (/loot exp)
  • phatloots.create – Parent node for:
    1. phatloots.make: true
    2. phatloots.delete: true
    3. true
    4. phatloots.unlink: true
    5. phatloots.manage: true
    6. phatloots.time: true
    7. true
    8. phatloots.autoloot: true
    9. phatloots.round: true
    10. phatloots.cost: true
    11. true
    12. phatloots.exp: true
This is an outdated video but the plugin very much works the same still.
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