This is a plugin I’ve been looking forward to reviewing because it’s one I’ve only just recently started using with my recently created MineCraft network. I use to use GroupManager which I then moved onto using Pex but as I came back into the MineCraft community early this year I found that Pex had mostly disappeared and everyone on SpigotMC forums were vouching for this particular plugin. So naturally, I went with the flow, hoping it would be a plugin that is continued to be supported. My honest impression is that this will be a well-supported plugin in the future and already has exceeded my expectations.

I first want to talk about what I don’t like about the plugin which is very little and to be honest it’s no big deal since you can rewrite your own commands using Skript or a plugin that allows you to create bulk commands in one and rewrite commands.

What I didn’t enjoy out of the box with LuckPerms I was able to fix – Easily!

I am super lazy when I want to setup ranks and I like creating a rank structure where you can do a command like “/promote User” and it will move the user into the next group. Or something simple such as “/groupset USER group” but with LuckPerms you need to promote them if they are assigned to a ‘track’ /lp user <user> promote <track> [context...]

I haven’t really played around with the tracks so I mainly use the /lp user/group <user|group> parent set <group> [context...] command.

As you can see it’s a command that you have to think about for a split second when you write it out. But I overcame the annoyance by creating a special OP/DEOP command that removes my OP and Admin status for testing purposes so now I’m not typing the command out 30 times a day.

And really, ranks would be automated in some way on servers so it’s nothing to really complain about I think I just remember having a hard time converting from PEX syntax to LuckPerms. So this criticism should be taken as a grain of salt.

What I love about LuckPerms

  • Free
  • BungeeCord/Proxy supported
  • MySQL and other Database types supported including flat files
  • Web Editor – SUPER HANDY! Nice having an editor with a decent GUI
  • Lightweight on resources
  • Extensive developer API
  • Permission trees
  • Tab auto-complete (helps to learn how to use the plugin)
  • Supports multiple platforms including ¬†BungeeCord, Velocity, Sponge, NukkitX, etc.

Getting Started

Download LuckPerms

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