I started using LiteBans 2.5.3 version on my server MineCraftier on multiple servers and the main benefit of this plugin is that the one jar file supports individual servers and Bungee networks. If you use just the one BungeeCord instance you can do your entire network setup via BungeeCord plugin folder.

However you will need to add the proper permissions because my experience was this plugin overrided Essentials moderator commands such as /ban and /kick. You will also need to make sure that these permissions are applied to relevant staff permission groups on all servers.

If you are using LuckPerms in a multi-server environment and sync your permissions, you shouldn’t have too many problems if any at all.


  • Designed from the ground up with UUID support in mind. All punishments are UUID-based.
  • Fully customizable kick screen for banned players, multiple lines and colours can be used, as well as ban information variables – duration until ban expires, reason, staff member who placed the ban, time since ban was placed, original ban duration, server which ban was placed on, etc.
  • All messages are customizable in messages.yml. There are many useful variables available to place in any configurable message that involves a ban, mute, or warning. Hover-text is supported.
  • Multiple types of databases are supported, including MySQL, MariaDB, and H2. H2 is used by default, meaning that MySQL is not needed to use LiteBans with a single-server setup.
  • Advanced light cross-server synchronization system allows global punishments and broadcasts to instantly take effect across all servers connected to the same database.
  • Offline players can receive warnings; they will see all of their new warnings when they join. This works across servers.
  • When a player with a banned account on the same IP joins, all players with the right permissions will be notified.
  • You can view punishment history for players (/history) and punishments issued by staff members (/staffhistory).
  • Staff members can be “rolled back” – all punishments which they’ve issued can be removed at any time with a single command. Staff abuse has never been easier to deal with.
  • Players cannot override punishments by setting very short bans or mutes unless they have permission.
  • Bans can be imported from vanilla (including Essentials), and six popular free banning plugins, including MaxBans, BanManager, AdvancedBan, and BungeeAdminTools.
  • Lightweight, multithreaded, and designed for performance. LiteBans uses a minimal amount of memory and does not block the main server thread with any database queries after startup.

Cross Server Synchoronisation

​One of the best features of LiteBans for networks is its cross-server synchronization system.

For example:

Server A, Server B and Server C are all running LiteBans, connected to the same MySQL database.

If a player who is on Server A is muted on Server B, it will immediately take effect on Server A, the player will be muted, and all players on Server A, B and C will see the broadcast indicating that the player was muted if they have permission and if broadcast synchronization is enabled. If the player leaves Server A and joins Server B or Server C, they will still be muted.

This applies to both Spigot and BungeeCord versions of the plugin.

A BungeeCord proxy counts as a server, and all servers under the BungeeCord proxy will also be affected by the plugin
(if the plugin is installed in the Bungee plugin folder).

My favourite feature of LiteBans is the website interface


After following this guide I installed the LiteBans PHP on my web hosting envrioment and successfully connected the database to the BungeeCord setup.

I found the process to be straight forward as if you have installed WordPress before manually it’s pretty much as simple as entering the database details.

What I appreciate most about the PHP script is that you can self host it, modify the code and having access to a simple MySQL database setup allows you to port to another plugin if LiteBans ceases to be in development. It is a premium plugin on SpigotMc but it’s a well worth plugin in getting as it makes monitoring bans especially away from the server really easy. It’s also allows you to audit your Moderator’s actions.

TIP: I recommend keeping essentials moderator permissions in because you can easily do local server bans using /eban or /etempban as this is an alternative prefix with essentials commands. This way you can do a temp local ban rather than doing a temp ban through LiteBans that bans them across your network.

To View, Purchase & Download Lite Bans Click Here

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