LiteBans Permissions

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Command Permissions

/unbanlitebans.unban.ownlitebans.unban to /unban players you haven’t banned.
/unmutelitebans.unmute.ownlitebans.unmute to /unmute players you haven’t muted.
/unwarnlitebans.unwarn.ownlitebans.unwarn to /unwarn players you haven’t warned.
/ for cross-server kicks.
/warningslitebans.warningslitebans.warnings.self to use /warnings without arguments (to view own warnings)
/dupeiplitebans.dupeipAlso known as /alts. litebans.dupeip.viewip to view IP addresses (has to be enabled in config)

Notify Permissions

PermissionAllows you to see:
litebans.notifyAll notifications (including staff notifications, like silent bans and dupeip on join). This permission also needs to be negated if you are removing other notify permissions.
litebans.notify.broadcastBan/mute/warning/kick broadcasts. True by default under Spigot.
litebans.notify.warnedOwn warning notifications. True by default under Spigot.
litebans.notify.mutedOwn muted notifications. True by default under Spigot.
litebans.notify.muteWhen muted players try to chat.
litebans.notify.banned_joinWhen banned or GeoIP-blacklisted players attempt to join.
litebans.notify.dupeip_joinNotification of scanned accounts (/alts output) when a player joins and has a banned account on the same IP address.
litebans.notify.silentSilent punishments (e.g. /ban -s <target> [reason])
litebans.notify.clearchat/clearchat broadcasts.
litebans.notify.mutechat/mutechat broadcasts.

Exempt Permissions

Exempt permissions require Vault for offline player checks under Spigot. (Check Vault page to see which permissions plugins support offline player permissions)

Under BungeeCord, no additional plugins are required.

litebans.exemptExempt from bans/mutes/warnings/kicks
litebans.exempt.dupeip_joinExempt from dupeip checks on join
litebans.exempt.bypassBypass exempt permissions

For exempt permissions to work, a player needs litebans.exempt or litebans.exempt.<type>. For example, if Admin is trying to ban Player, first Player is checked for litebans.exempt, then litebans.exempt.ban. If Player has either of those permissions, Admin is checked for litebans.exempt.bypass, then litebans.exempt.bypass.ban. If Admin has either of these permissions, Player is banned anyway.

Bypass Permissions

/togglechatlitebans.togglechat.bypassShows your messages to all players that have /togglechat enabled.
/clearchatlitebans.clearchat.bypassRequires allow_clearchat_bypass: true in config.yml to work.
/lockdownlitebans.lockdown.bypassAllows you to join during lockdown; prevents you from being kicked when lockdown is activated.
litebans.cooldown.bypassPermission to bypass all cooldowns. Also: litebans.cooldown.bypass.ban, litebans.cooldown.bypass.warn to bypass ban/mute limits

Admin Permissions

litebans.*All permissions except notify permissions.
litebans.adminPermission to use /litebans <reload/import/…>. Also allows usage of --sender= and --sender-uuid= arguments.
litebans.broadcastPermission to use /litebans broadcast
litebans.iphistoryPermission to use /iphistory
litebans.prunehistoryPermission to use /prunehistory
litebans.staffrollbackPermission to use /staffrollback


litebans.json.hover_text: Permission to see hover-text

litebans.tabcomplete: Permission to tab-complete names of online players across the entire network with the BungeeCord version of the plugin.

litebans.override: Permission to override previous bans/mutes.

litebans.unban.queue: Permission to automatically queue unbans for offline players when a matching ban is not found (usually not required, but can resolve IP bans)

litebans.extrasilent: Permission to use the “-S” flag, which hides broadcasts from all players (regardless of permission) but not the console.

litebans.togglechat: Permission to use /togglechat

litebans.server.<scope>: If the default_server_scope is not global, litebans.server.<scope> permission is required to use non-default server scopes.

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