There are lots of admin specific commands with Essentials and EssentialsX plugins that make it a useful plugin to manage your server but I wanted to provide a quick resource specific for dealing with rule breakers and taking action against other players who are a menace to your community.

CommandAlternative CommandDescriptionCommand
muteemute, silence, esilenceMutes or unmutes a player./<command> <player> [datediff]
ie: /mute player 1d would mute the player for 1 day.
whoisewhoisDisplays player information/<command> <nickname|playername>
Quick look up that tells you basic details about the player including IP address & OP status.
kickekickKicks a specified player with a reason./<command> <player> [reason]
Forcefully disconnects the player from the server. Reason is optional although it will stop whingy kids reconnecting seconds later asking ‘ADMIN WHY WUZ I KICKED?’
socialspyesocialspyToggles if you can see msg/mail commands in chat./<command> [player] [on|off]
Allows you to listen in on MSG and mail commands privately between users. There is an admin permission that gives certain staff exemption from being listened upon.
sudoesudoMake another user perform a command./<command> <player> <command [args]>
Sudo command is one of my favourite commands as it allows you to make a player execute a command forcefully which is handy if you want to debug issues without having to ask players to write out specific commands. This allows you to do it for them and it has saved me a lot of time sorting out player permissions and issues.
vanishv, ev, evanishHide yourself from other players./<command> [player] [on|off]
Spent hours trolling trouble makers in vanish before punishing them. It’s a great way to watch bug abusers work their magic so you can get intel on glitches and exploits on your MineCraft server.
helpopeamsgMessage online admins./<command> <message>
I recommend having a Helpop rank on your server of ‘newbie/wannabe staff’ that have access to helpop messages so they can be delegated in helping players.
tempbanetempbanTemporary ban a user./<command> <playername> <datediff> <reason>
Temp ban is a better option than /ban but most Mods need to be educated on the tempban command. Either way I recommend routing the /ban command to tempban and set the unspecified ban length of a tempban to 30d so even if a Mod /tempbans but doesn’t specify a length it will default to 30d.
banebanBans a player./<command> <player> [reason]
Like I said above, I recommend just disabling the ban command and using tempban for most staff ranks.
togglejailjail, ejail, tjail, etjail, etogglejail, unjail, eunjail
I’m not sure if servers still use jails they are just a cool way to mess with trouble makers though because they can’t get out of their 1 x 1 box. 😉
banipebanipBans an IP address./<command> <address>
unbanipeunbanip,pardonip,epardonipUnbans the specified IP address./<command> <address>
unbanpardon,eunban,epardonUnbans the specified player./<command> <player>
muteemute, silence, esilenceMutes or unmutes a player./<command> <player> [datediff]

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