DiscordSRV is one of my new favourite plugins at the moment and I want to start off by leading some bullet points on what I enjoy about this plugin.

DiscordSRV for Spigot Plugin Review
  • I can keep an eye on my server when I’m away from my desktop and respond to questions and issues while I’m on the go in my daily life.
  • I can easily read back on the server’s chat history and get updated on any major developments or issues at a glance.
  • Allows staff to have a degree of access to the console by allowing them to chat in the ‘console channel’ (optional)
  • It’s a great bridge between game-chat and Discord chat and you can sync ranks as well and connect your in-game account to your Discord user ID.

DiscordSRV Setup

What I don’t like about DiscordSRV

I wish it had better support for Bungee servers (multiple servers) as although I can run the same bot on multiple servers if I want to chat to a user I have to follow them in the chat channels and it would be good if there was a global chat option hooked in so you could have individual server chat and a global chat so you can engage in a chat as if you were in-game.

Apart from that, there might be a hacky way of doing it by using an added bot to relay all server chat to one channel. You may possibly be able to set up a complex system where you can have the bots ignoring each other and posting to the same channel so they don’t repeat back each other but my only wish is that they make it easier for networks to set up the plugin.

But honestly, it’s such a good solid plugin and I am aware there would be limitations in the plugin’s capabilities as it relies on Discord API. With all being said I would highly recommend this plugin.

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