Why I love CustomGUI and recommend this premium SpigotMC resource

CustomGUI is one of my new favourite plugins I’ve been playing around on MineCraft with lately but this plugin is so powerful and filled with features that it is a little bit overwhelming getting around the plugin. CustomGUI allows MineCraft server owners an opportunity to create rich and complex GUI’s to make interfaces easier for players to use while also looking aesthetically appealing to the users. With complete control over each and every GUI, you create the possibilities are limitless.

The plugin comes with an in-game GUI editor for creating menus which I personally don’t use because I much prefer working with text files. However there are some settings that I’m not familiar with in the pre-generated YAML files so I do sometimes use the GUI to toggle unfamiliar settings.

CustomGUI Plugin (Spigot) Features

So you may be wondering what makes this plugin so unique and different from the other menu plugins out there, well here is a list of just some of the many features found throughout the plugin which is documented on the resource page:

– In-game creator to edit each GUI
– GUI Animated items
– Customizable hotbar items
– Specialized click delays
– Open GUI’s with NPC’s
– Register signs to open GUI’s
– Individual GUI files or config based
– Overriding GUI items
– Op display item
– Permission display item
– Balance display item
– Experience display item
– Open/close GUI actions
– Required item check
– Required economy check
– Economy plugin support
– Supports custom player heads
– Completely configurable messages
– Bungee teleportation support
– Per world GUI support
– Access to Placeholder API’s placeholders
– And much more!

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