What is BungeeCord?

BungeeCord is an application that connects Minecraft servers together over a bound network connection (a proxy). It allows players to switch between servers within its own configured network. This allows players to swap from one MineCraft to another server without having to disconnect and manually go to that server’s particular server address.

I only have a single MineCraft server should I use a BungeeCord proxy?

In short, if you are planning to have a large network in the future or multiple servers for different server types it might be worth while setting up your first MineCraft server behind a BungeeCord setup. BungeeCord isn’t resourceful intensive out of the box and there are some pretty cool BungeeCord plugins that are available that will benefit your network.

Personally, I have relaunched MineCraftier which was a medium sized network I ran in late 2011-2013 and now that I am rebuilding a network from scratch I have installed BungeeCord. Now I realise I could run a PlotMe world, a creative world and a hub/rpg world on one server and use a plugin like Multiverse and basically have the same setup I have now on one server instead of multiple servers even if I had a server with 12GB of RAM it would be more than enough for growth. However I would run into bottleneck issues and I’m going to discuss next the key advantages of having a BungeeCord proxy.

Benefits of using a BungeeCord Proxy

Although there are some other MineCraft proxy applications out there my only experience is with BungeeCord because it was the real first proxy of its kind and has stood the test of time. I don’t know enough about other proxies to recommend them but I do encourage to do your own research to find what proxy application works best for your server type. But BungeeCord have some benefits uniquely to its own application but in general any MineCraft proxy setup using whichever application will bring benefits such as.

Written from the ground up using all new development practices and principles, this project aims to be the most efficient, reliable and feature-packed system around. It’s already dominating similar systems that are costing end-users hundreds of dollars per month.

BungeeCord comes with the ability to load plugins that are written against its expansive API. The BungeeCord system can not only seamlessly integrate with existing set-ups, but can also be limitlessly expanded to create anything. From global ban integration to your very own M.M.O. multi-verse, BungeeCord can surely handle it.

  • BungeeCord can spread out the server load of multiple servers across a list of spanning multiple servers, taking full advantage of multi-core CPUs that your server uses.
  • BungeeCord can separate your server’s activities (e.x. creative, survival, minigames,…)
  • BungeeCord can be used to link servers that are running on another host BUT! you should take extra care to secure your server as your server should not allow players to connect directly.
  • You can use specific plugins that use MySQL to use the same data across multiple servers. Ie: McMMO
  • By implementing BungeeCord and having players on the network you can implement cross-server chat, teleports and more. This means your players can always be connected to each other even when you are on different servers.
  • Players are savvy enough to understand the basics of proxy servers if they have played on prior servers before so as long as you keep /server command with info on how to change server types players will usually work out how your server works on their own.

Download and install BungeeCord here

If you want the latest build of BungeeCord click here

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