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How to set player as OP Admin

How to set player as OP Admin

Like most games, Minecraft has a built-in mechanism to set authorised MineCraft players as administrators of the server. These are known as OP's or operators which is a generic term used to call people who manage IRC servers, game servers or online forums. An operator...

PhatLoot Commands & Permissions

PhatLoot Commands & Permissions

You can download the latest version of PhatLoots here NOTE: This version of PhatLoots only works on Minecraft 1.13 and up! If you wish to use PhatLoots on 1.9-1.12, please use the Legacy version. In-Game Help: /loot help - Display the PhatLoots Help...

How to Ban and Unban Minecraft Players

To protect your server against players who grief, hack or break any rules, you can ban the player. This tutorial explains how to ban players as well as how to remove their ban so they can join the server again.

How To Grow Your Minecraft Server

How To Grow Your Minecraft Server How can you grow your Minecraft server? Well, this video gives you 10 different ways to get more players on your Minecraft server! The hardest part about starting a Minecraft server is finding players for...